The Similipal National Park looks like a pea-cock from satellite picture from space. It streched from Anandapur to Musabani(Jharkhand) in North-South direction. Similarly it extend from Ghatagoan(Kendujhar) to Nilagiri(Balasore dist) in east- Weast direction.

The location and direction of sitakund forest Resort

KOLKATA TO Baripada-260km

Kharagpur to Baripada -110km

Bhubaneswar to Baripada 250KM

Balasore to Baripada -60KM

                                        BARIPADA TO SIMILIPAL(PITTHA-BATA)(SITAKUND FOREST RESORT)——17km

Routes to Similipal entry gate (PITTHA BATA) from Baripada the head quater and small town of Mayurbhanj district Odisha. Total distance about 17 K.M.

Distance from entry gate Similipal to Sitakund Forest Resort. Total distance about 300metres

Google map showing Similipal and Sitakund Forest Resort.

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