SITAKUND FOREST RESORT is about 18 KM distance from District head quarter BARIPADA, situated at the footstep of Similipal National Park. PITTHABATA is the nearest entry gate to Similipal about aprox 300 meter distance from our resort.


Similipal National Park is main attraction of Mayurbhanj District in Odisha. In addition to the entry gate of Similipal about 200 meters from our Resort.

History of SIMILIPAL

In the past the actual name of SIMILIPAL was SALA-MALA-PALA but now mispronounced to Similipal. The name has been  derived  from SAL Jungle. The Similipal mainly composed of the great extent of Sal jungle, series of mountain range and vast area. The actual meaning of SALA-MALA-PALA was named after Sal trees, Mountains and Area.  In Odia the meaning of Sala(ଶାଳ) is Sal tree, Mal means Mala(ମାଳ)or mountain and Pal means Pala(ପାଳ) or Area. Gradually year after year the name was mispronounced to Similipal, Simulpal and Simulipal etc. In Similipal, Sal trees are the major component among other trees not Simul or Silk-cotton.

Similipal national park
SAL Jungle of Similipal

Area of Similipal

Similipal Tiger Reserve which spreads over 2750 Sq.Kms is a part of Central Indian Landscape. Not only a Tiger Reserve, Similipal is also a National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Biosphere Reserve and also a part of Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve. Similipal derives its name from the abundance of SAL trees that bloom vividly in its forest.

Flora and fauna of SIMILIPAL

The vast forest of Similipal is a unique composition of deciduous, semi-ever green, high level Sal, grass land & savannahs. It is the abode of more than 1253 species of flowering plants, 99 species of non-flowering plants, 94 species of orchids. Among funa 21 species of amphibians, 62 species of reptiles, 361 species of birds, 55 species of mammals are identified. Many species of flora and fauna yet to be identified. It bears 94 species of orchids, many of them are endemic and endangered and 72 are Himalayan species.

Sitakund Forest Resort STONE COTTAGE(Air Conditioned)  Distance View

Sitakund Forest Resort TRIBAL HUT mud theched cottage (Non-AC) Double beded room Front View

Entry of Similipal remain closed from mid June to Last of October due to due to unsafe driving in muddy, slippery & hilly road in Monsoon. Although the Similipal close on the other hand Some of the  tourists spots of Similipal can visit all season.  Click below for detail information.

Entry to Simipal remain open from 1st November to Mid June in dry weather condition . Click below to get information about to visit of the places with permission.

Some wonderful places are inside Similipal Core  area. But it is so hard to get entry permit. Click below for information.

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